I started on this project in early 2009 and as I write this the projects has been on the shelf for more than a year. Due to all kinds of things happening around me Ive not managed to stay motivated to work on it. But I havent given up and plan to see it finished. I still consider myself being in the green as my previous project (Fatman project) took me a little over three years to finish :)

Ive recieved alot of encouraging mails from people being really enthusiastic about this project and Id hate to make you disapointed, and also myself. As Im pretty close to wrapping it up Im really going to try and do so in the near future.

The two major parts left to build before I can start testing the thing is a proper bellow and a base mount to allow focusing. Ive decided to scrap my initial plans on adding tilt and shift features to the camera and go for a simple and straight focusing mechanism. The reason for this is that making a rig that allow tilting and shifting will become to complicated with regard to my currently available time, space and materials. But no worries, Ill add that to my next camera :)


Camera about 80% completed

Camera about 80% completed.

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